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Ty Coyle

Ty got the travel bug from his family, particularly his grandmother, great grandfather, and great uncles.


His great grandfather traveled extensively in California and the Sierras and worked as an engineer for several years in the gold mines of South Africa, circling the globe going to and coming from South Africa in 1897-1903. One of his great uncles, William, was a member of the Archbold Expedition to New Guinea in 1938-39. His other great uncle, Hilton, traveled extensively in Central America and Africa. His grandmother Helen cycled in Europe (July - Dec. 1939) and in Japan and China (June - Aug. 1940) before her year long bicycle trip through South America (Nov. 1941 - Dec 1942). 

Ty camped one month across the southern portion of the United States with his mother in 2015, backpacked three weeks through Japan in August 2016, and backpacked 4 months through Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia in 2018- a chunk of which he spent riding a semi automatic motorcycle through the length of Vietnam over the course of 35 days.

Ty enjoys scubadiving, snowboarding, motorcycling, and other adrenaline based activities.


When his grandmother Helen was considering a choice between work and a South American jaunt, her father advised...

"Get your South American trip first. That is my advice. For why? Because you can always get a job, but you can't always go to South America. For why? - One look at your brothers and sister tell the tale. They can't travel now because of jobs, family, etc., etc., etc. Sabe? Some people better stay home than travel, but not you. You will be a better teacher or anything you may want to do for having had it. You will learn better how to live and enjoy what you have by seeing how others do it."


Osprey Porter 30 Backpack

Sony A7 Mark II

GoPro HERO5 Black

MacBook Pro  13"

Iphone 8s

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