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Packing for Your Trip

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Don’t know what to pack for your first big trip?

No one does.

I'll be breaking down my list of essentials one by one to help guide you on this endeavor...

(These items are in no particular order, but I tried to organize them from most import at the top, to least important near the bottom)


  • SIM Card

This is at the top of the list for a number of reasons. No matter what kind of trip you are taking, if you are using a smart phone be sure to know what your international plans are when it comes to your SIM card.

If you plan on traveling with and international plan set up from your domestic provider - GREAT!

If you plan on using a local SIM card in the country you’ll be traveling through, be sure to make sure that your device is unlocked prior to departure. This will allow you to insert any kind of SIM card you choose without complications. Be sure to bring a paperclip with you so you can open the slot to access the SIM.

  • Travel Insurance

  • Locker/Bag Locks

  • GoPro

  • Headlamp

  • Mini SD Reader

  • Vaccines

  • Ziplock Bags

  • Wipes

  • Audiobook

  • Phone case charger

  • Envelopes

  • Wireless Phone Charger

  • Laundry Bag

  • Emergency Contact Card

  • Toiletry Bag

  • Safety Whistle

  • Portable clothesline

  • Sink stopper

  • Travel-sized containers of laundry detergent

  • Microfibre towel

  • Money Belt

  • Dry Sack

  • Sturdy Folder

  • Journal/Books

  • International License

  • Pins/Travel Souvenirs

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